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Internet Cut Off Kill Switch w patch cable

Internet Cut Off Kill Switch w patch cable

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A simple, safe & effective low-cost solution to

Internet Security.

Allows a simple quick control for Internet access to your computer.

Can block Wi-Fi connections and access points when connected before your Wi-Fi router.

Prevent data loss or damage.

to expensive equipment and products.

Allows a quick and easy disconnect.

to one or all devices from the INTERNET.

Including Smart TV's.

Prevent eavesdropping via webcams.

& Other hidden internal recording devices on your network.

Isolate or limit access to your private network devices.

Home Cameras systems, network storage drives, or printers.

Software versions can and have been easily hacked.

Rest assured!

This switch is.

100% Guaranteed


Breaks all connections in the cable.

Similar technology has been in use for years in secret programs.

Sources have said Microsoft and others recommend.

“Not leaving your computer left open and unattended to the Internet”.

If you are not online, you cannot be hacked.

Have a computer left on 24/7,

With this switch, you can control when the Internet is accessible on your command.

Have a "Limited Internet" account,

You can shut down the

“Internet meter”

On your command.

There is Unlimited Applications.

Get your Internet Switch today before you get hacked and save.

paying the ransom or another expensive cost to get your data back if possible.

An Internet Switch is like a seat belt,

something you are glad to have on before you need it.

Product Features

  • Instantly shuts off the Internet connection,

with a simple push of a switch.

  • Installs easily 1 - 2 minutes.
  • No drivers or software to install.
  • No Power connection is required.

Patch cable & mounting hardware included.

Works with all types of Ethernet speeds and cables,

1GB, 100MB & 10MB compatible.

8 Pin Standard RJ45 type cables

Even works on Phone lines for modems and DSL setups.

4 or 6 Pin Standard RJ11 type cables

Tell your friends and family about the



Save your valuable data from attacks.

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on my E-bay site or web page listed below.

Including programmable timer-controlled Switches.

No need to remember to set.

Includes instant on-off manual control.

Get yours today.

We carry Manual, Programmable, and Remote-Controlled Internet Switches.

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Customer reviews – 100% positive feedback.

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